Ivory Coast resuming diamond trade thanks to Belgium

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Ivory Coast resuming diamond trade thanks to Belgium


BRUSSELS, Kingdom of Belgium, December 16, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ — In 2003, the UN imposed sanctions on Ivory Coast, forbidding the country to trade diamonds. Now that political calm has returned, Belgium’s FPS Foreign Affairs and the Antwerp World Diamond Centre are helping the Ivorian government set up a monitoring system so that they will be able to adhere to the strict conditions of the Kimberley Process, and resume their diamond trade.


The Antwerp World Diamond Centre has trained three Ivorian senior officials to become diamond experts. The 8-week training was funded by the FPS Foreign Affairs and aimed to provide the Ivorians with the necessary knowledge to estimate the value of a diamond. It also taught them everything about the stringent regulations of the Kimberley Process, and how that knowledge can be applied to everyday practice.


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