B2B Market Research: time to wake up | Recherche en B2B: C’est le temps de se réveiller

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I’m a big believer in market research.  I consider it as a risk mitigation factor.  Over the years, I conducted, commissioned or got involved in many market research projects; probably over a thousand.

We all know that the response rates for surveys is going down.  The research community seems to accept this as a fatality.  In accepting this, it also accepts the fact that we are moving away from one of quantitative research fundamentals: the need to talk to individuals who are representative of the mass of individuals.

Where do we draw the line to say: Stop! Occurrence is so low, we need to question to statistical inference.  

Do we draw the response rate limit at 10%? 5%? 2%?  Keep in mind we are talking about B2B research, often with precise targets.  Let’s pick 2%.  When 98% of a market refuses to answer questions … can…

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